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 Safety in Our School

SSRCS’ Response to the March 14th Walkout
(prayer service with the children, today)

Tomorrow, across the Nation, students are standing up in unity (solidarity) against violence. They are saying ENOUGH!

Children of God are being senselessly hurt and killed all over the Nation, from the tiniest child still in its mother’s wound to our elderly grandparents. Tomorrow, the Children of God are making it known to our President and our legislators that we value life and we want this hurting to stop. As Catholics, we will of course talk to our legislators, but we know that every human being is created in the image of God. And so, we will take our petitions to Him. Today, Fr. Frank is here to begin this process. Starting tomorrow and every day following, we will close our SSR time with a prayer to God asking for his intervention and protection of ALL human life.


Dr. Nina Zetty, Principal