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 Support Services

Mrs. Billie Robinson​​
School Counselor

As the School Counselor, my primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal, and social development of all students within the school setting. The counseling services at St. Sebastian Regional School are provided through Catapult Learning, a private educational agency. The counseling services for individual students or small groups are provided for specific needs based upon teacher and/or parent referrals. I also offer a classroom guidance program to your children throughout the academic School Year.  Some of the topics include: study skills, self-awareness and awareness of others, decision making skills, friendship, communication skills,​ and more.​​  In addition, I schedule career development session for 7th/8th graders, which allows those working in the various careers to meet with and speak to students about the particular career pathways.

Mrs. Jennifer Brinker

Math services are funded through Pennsylvania Act 89 and allocated by Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. The I.U. contracts with Catapult Learning to provide a certified teacher to the school for auxiliary instruction time. Math services my include (but are not limited to) reinforcement, skill practice, problem solving, etc. These services are coordinated with the classroom teacher based on students' classroom performance. 

Written parental consent will be obtained for those students who are recommended by the classroom teacher or principal to be seen on a weekly basis throughout the school year. An initial assessment will be done to determine​ students' skill levels. Progress Monitoring and Assessment Reports will be distributed along with school report cards at the end of each semester. Parent conferences are held in the fall & spring.

The Catapult Learning Math Teacher is available for conferences with parents and school faculty.​

​Mrs. Jenna Lodivico​

Our reading support program provides scientifically researched based interventions in reading through the federal Title I program. Students are recommended for the program based upon standardized test scores, classroom performance, and report card grades.​​  Title I funding is a Federal Fund and the services are provided through Intermediate Unit 1.

Mrs. Kate Bogden

Speech Therapist​

 Students identified as needing speech services receive these services through an independent contractor during the school day.​