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​St. Sebastian Regional School is incorporating its "Club Day" into the curriculum through service learning  Last year's Green Energy Club has been replaced with STREAM within the curriculum.  Little Teachers has been replaced with the Buddy Program.  The Sculpture Club became part of this year's Art class, which is being taught by a certified Art Teacher.  Students in 4th-5th grade will be able to select a 1-hour community service project each 9-weeks, while 6th-8th grade will perform five hours of community service each 9-weeks.  All classrooms will offer Outreach programs, which may include sending cards to veterans, nursing home patients, and "shut-ins."  Fifth graders will learn to create palm crosses and will include them with the cards sent to the nursing homes and shut-ins.  Students in grades 5-8 will participate in "The Living Stations" and students in grades 6-8 will present "The Living Museum" during Catholic Schools Week.

Afterschool programs include yearbook, Lego Robotics, Chess Club, and athletics.

Lego Robotics: Students in grades 4-8 interested in joining have signed up for the Club. It will meet from 3-4:00 pm to build and use lego robots on the following dates: 4/5, 4/17, 4/24, 5/3, 5/8/2018. 

chess2.jpgChess Club: meets each Wednesday, 3-4:00 PM, in Mr. Domiano’s Room. Students will learn how the game of chess relates to Social Studies topics, how to move each piece, and various strategies to use in the game.