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 Tuition Policy

Tuition at St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School is among the lowest in the Diocese of Greensburg.  With 88 percent of families applying for and receiving financial aid, we are an economically viable option for your child's education. We receive funding from neighboring parishes, generous donors through the EITC program, and local opportunities such as our SCRIPS program. We aim to provide a high-quality and affordable Catholic education to all. 

Parents and parish share responsibility for the cost of Catholic education. Parents shall pay a reasonable amount of the per pupil cost of education as established by the parish and set forth in the Diocesan Memorandum of Understanding.

Tuition payments must be submitted in accordance with the payment schedule established at the time of registration. It is the obligation of the parent to contact the principal for financial assistance. If tuition payments are untimely, the student may become ineligible to attend school unless special arrangements with school leadership are made. 

St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School, along with all other diocesan schools, uses FACTS Tuition Management Services. Filling out a FACTS application is a request for tuition assistance. If an application is not completed, the family will be expected to pay the full announced tuition amount. If a student transfers to another school, tuition may be refunded on a prorated basis. Arrangements should be made through the principal.

Any parent who does not pay the full tuition, and does not obtain clearance for an extension, will be asked to withdraw their child before the next school year. Transcripts will not be forwarded to the sending school until all tuition is paid in full. Report cards will not be given at the end of any given school year if tuition is not paid in full.

The following must be completed prior to admission:

  • St. Sebastian Cathlic Regional School Application for Admission
  • Records Release Request (if transferring)
  • Initial Guidance Questionnaire
  • Home Language Survey
  • Sworn Conduct Statement
  • Textbook Request
  • Student Health History
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • FACTS Application (if requesting financial aid)
  • $65.00 Registration Fee (non-refundable)

All admissions are contingent upon a personal interview with the principal and a review of student records.


St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School admits students of any race, national or ethnic origin.  Non-Catholic students are expected to participate in religion classes and to attend all of the school's religious functions.

Students belonging to St. Sebastian Parish shall be given preference with regard to admission to St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School and must file with the school the appropriate diocesan admission forms. Priority in admission shall be as follows: siblings, preschool, parishioners, non-parishioners, and non-Catholics. The school adheres to the age requirements of the local public school district (Belle Vernon Area.)  Any child who reaches the age of five by August 31 of the current school year may be admitted to kindergarten unless there is evidence that the child is not ready to begin. In May of each school year the kindergarten teacher will administer a readiness test to determine placement.

Any child who reaches the age of six by August 31 of the current school year may be admitted to the first grade unless there is evidence that the child is not ready to begin. Parents and/or guardians must accompany the child to school for purposes of registration and verification of residency. Registration for the following school term will be held in January. On the date of registration, the following documents must be presented: 

  • birth certificate or copy of birth certificate
  • immunization record
  • verification of residence - if living with a person other than a parent. In the event the child resides with a person other than the parent or legal guardian, a conference with the school principal may be necessary for verification of residence.

Children of any race, color, or national origin are eligible for admission to St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School. Children of any religion are likewise eligible for admission subject to the rights of the Catholic children as stated above. Parents of students entering at other levels must contact the principal of St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School to fill out a registration and release of records form. The release form is sent to the sending school, and the records are then forwarded to St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School. Continuance at St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School for each successive year will be based on attitude, behavior, academic achievement and tuition payment history. The principal, in conjunction with the pastor of St. Sebastian Parish, is responsible for making this decision.

We are now accepting online applications to St. Sebastian School for Pre-K to eighth grade students.   A P P L Y  N O W

Admissions from other Schools

The transfer into a new school is difficult for any student. Transferring from a public school into a Catholic school has particular challenges. This is particularly true for eighth-grade students who complete just one year (or part of one year) prior to transferring into high school.

An especially difficult issue is the request occasionally made by parents to transfer a student who has been expelled from another school district. This type of request requires special evaluation.

To address these issues, St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School has adopted the following policies:‚Äč

  • Ordinarily, St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School does not admit students during the eighth grade.  When family circumstances justify the request, e.g. a family moves into the area, the principal will consider the request on an individual basis.
  • Ordinarily, St. Sebastian Regional Catholic School will not admit a student who has been expelled from another school district. If requested, the principal may review the circumstances that led to the expulsion and will determine if the child should be admitted.
  • Students will be on probation and asked to sign a contract to ensure success of the transition.