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 Switching Schoology Accounts on the Same Device

​Many families are sharing devices between students and parents. This requires the ability to log out of Schoology so that other users can log in. While the concept is simple, in practice this can be a bit tricky at times. Here are some tips to ensure that you can log in and out of Schoology on your device.

Be sure to use Google Chrome if you are accessing Schoology from a Computer. If you are using an iPad you should use Safari browser with cross-site tracking enabled.
Logging into Schoology
Just go to to sign in or click on Schoology from the green key menu in the top right corner of your school’s website:
You will be prompted to sign in with you school email address and password.

You will see this message when you sign in for the first time.DO NOT click Yes to Stay signed in if more than one person needs to access their Schoology account on this machine.

Logging out of Schoology 
Schoology uses the same account and password as Office 365. Signing into one of these platforms logs you into both. To sign out of Schoology you must log out of Schoology and Office 365.

Sign out of Schoology. Click your name in the top right and select Log Out from the menu.


Sign out of Office 365. Go to or use the green key icon on your Schools website to open the resources menu and select MS Office 365.

Once in your Office 365 account click on your initials in the top right and select Sign out.

You should now be fully signed out and ready for someone else to log into their account.

If you clicked Yes to this message when you first signed in you will need to clear your browser history in order to fully sign out. 

To clear your history in Google Chrome open up a Chrome window and hit Control H (Ctrl H) to open your history. Click clear browsing data.

Clear your history for all time. Make sure you have checked the boxes for cookies and other site data as well as passwords and other sign-in data 
Now close your browser and open it back up again. You should be able to sign into a different Schoology account now.